Henrietta Lake

Founder & Director

Henri is Founder and Director of Lake Advisory. Extensive first-hand experience in factories and on farms in India, China, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Thailand and West Africa inform her expertise. With a focus on building supplier capacities to handle their own challenges, demonstrating the importance of worker engagement and the intelligent use of data, Henri strives to improve both labour rights in supply chains and firm performance. With a greater industry focus on recruitment practices, Henri is also working closely with the ALP on a certification scheme for labour providers and is an active member of the Stronger Together Strategy Group.

Henri graduated from Oxford University and obtained her PhD in political science from The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy in the USA. Her doctoral research examined the business benefits of improved working conditions, focusing on how advanced human resource management (HRM) systems and work organisation impact productivity. Previously Henrietta was a financial journalist at The Mail on Sunday and then The Times

Stephanie Vélez


Steph joined the Lake Advisory team in 2014. She works closely with the Director on all projects and manages the team. Steph helps develop company sourcing policies and resources, encouraging a focus on worker engagement to improve performance. She has wide experience across the ethical trade sector from garments to food and has managed several large projects for multi-national companies.

Steph has a background in human rights and speaks fluent Spanish and German. She has previously worked for an environmental charity and taught English in Colombia, had a short stint saving whales in Tenerife, and has interned at the UN in Geneva in the Indigenous Peoples and Minorities Section. Steph loves travelling, meeting people and all things sporty. Steph volunteers regularly at her local youth group, runs with an athletics club and is currently attempting to learn Portuguese. She is also the designated organiser/Secretary of YPETS – a social gathering for young professionals working in our industry. She holds a Masters in Understanding and Securing Human Rights from the Institute of Commonwealth Studies, School of Advanced Study, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish, German and TESOL from the University of Exeter.


Hattie Godber

Project Officer

Hattie is the newest member of Lake Advisory. Having graduated from University College London with a BA in Geography in 2016. Hattie is responsible for supporting the Director and Manager in all areas of supply chain sustainability advisory services, including ensuring the delivery of client project work and conducting client-led research.  Hattie also manages the company communications strategy.

In her spare time, Hattie volunteers with a charity helping the homeless get housed, and a local conservation charity. Hattie has a personal interest in sustainable and ethical fashion, and is a big animal-lover.