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About Lake Advisory

We believe that what benefits workers will also deliver value to the business, whether that’s in the short or longer term. We specialise in offering our clients practical, experience-led advice on improving supplier performance through people in order to meet their social and economic goals.

We pride ourselves in having long-standing relationships built over many years of working together. Our clients might call us for advice on anything from finding a local partner in a sourcing country to rethinking the way they measure their suppliers’ performance or helping to design a program to deliver financial services to workers.

We are based in London but operate programmes in different parts of the world, either directly or through our network of contacts. We’ve been fortunate enough not only to advise our clients on their strategy and programming, but also to implement many programmes ourselves, giving us direct, hands-on experience which informs our ongoing consulting advice.

Examples of our work:

  • Establishing a new ethical trade programme for a major clothing retailer aligned with their business strategy,  hiring and training the new in house team
  • Managing the day-to-day ethical trade programme for a major supermarket
  • Advising on a new initiative to engage investors and companies on prioritising human capital and its contribution to bottom line
  • Designing and helping to deploy new models of beyond compliance supply chain programming on next-generation Lean approaches, human resource management, social dialogue, wages and worker wellbeing
  • Designing and measuring the impact of alternative approaches to worker compensation 
  • Developing a strategic response to the UK Modern Slavery Act, from policy to new diligence approaches in different parts of the supply chain from the lowest tier to labour provision and recruitment
  • Designing and deploying a worker engagement survey on behalf of a global footwear brand
  • Designing and running a competitiveness programme in the clothing, footwear and furniture industries for a government development agency

Areas of Expertise

Supplier Performance

Productivity Improvement

Fair Wage Implementation

Human Resource Management

Ethical Trade Training

Worker Engagement

Worker Engagement Surveying

Worker Wellbeing

Financial Inclusion

Social Dialogue

Human Rights

Modern Slavery Reporting

Forced Labour and Human Trafficking Due Diligence

Identifying and Supporting Vulnerable Workers

Data Analytics

Needs Assessment

Social and Financial Impact Assessment

Improving Supplier Data

Deploying Technological Innovations

Ethical Trade Programming

Supply Chain Transparency

Supply Chain Risk Assessment and Monitoring

Buyer Training

Purchasing Practices

Stakeholder Engagement

In-Country Partner Identification

Developing Local Support Networks